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Education Testimonial

Hi, my name is Shane Stromquist – Peters

I had a pretty great experience with my recent educational journey. I attended BCIT Burnaby Campus for 7 months in 2018. I received a certificate of completion with distinction, Automotive Technician Foundation. I had a wonderful instructor, Tim Wood, one of the best teachers I’ve had in the education system. He made a point to tell us the things that we needed to know. He also went above and beyond, teaching extra information regarding the trade to those who showed interest. I was able to meet some great people in my class, a handful of whom I still speak with regarding work and the next level of schooling we will have.

The biggest struggle I had was getting back into the school mentality and making sure to study on a regular basis. I had been out of school for approximately 3-4 years before attending this class. I didn’t struggle much with the course material, as I did have some knowledge of the trade before entering the course so that definitely helped.

I have been working as an apprentice in a small private shop since 3 weeks before completing the course, approximately 4 months now. I’m currently waiting to go back to school to finish the next level of apprenticeship, the wait list is sadly quite long. I plan on completing my full apprenticeship and obtaining the Red Seal certification to become a fully licensed mechanic.
The Peters Post-Secondary program helped me in a number of ways. The biggest would be with the monthly funding allowing me to focus 100% on my school and not needing to work. Not needing to work and go to school at the same time helped with my stress levels greatly since I knew I had enough time to study at the end of the day after my classes were done. The overall experience working with Peters education was very smooth and simple, very helpful.

Thank you.