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We have attempted to host 2 community meetings where members are able to learn what is involved with a CCP. The mediators removed themselves as a community member threatened legal action. We will continue to hold another meeting after the election as this is an opportunity for members to share their thoughts and ideas for the Nation.


A mold inspector and an asbestos inspector were brought in as directed by ISC Housing in order to receive funds for renovations. Based on the reports, renovation funds were received for the 7 houses inspected. Due to the costs for the inspectors, PFN will arrange for inspections only when letters of permission are received from the 4 homeowners who denied entry for this first round of inspections.

The dykes are in serious need of repairs and we are very close to starting emergency repairs this spring. We are just waiting on DFO, then will work with ISC to raise all houses located on the floodplain as well as continue work on the berm of the dyke.

Meetings will be held with members to determine the appropriate measures for each individual home as they will be different depending on location.


Chief and Council have been working diligently to bring fibre optic connections to residences for faster download and upload speeds. The fibre has been brought to the house and Telus representatives will be at the band office on January 29, 2019 between 12pm and 3pm to review the plans available, answer any questions you may have and commence installations.


Currently awaiting legal info over the wording between our legal counsel and Canada (ISC). Once received, a meeting will be held so we can understand what this means for Peters First Nation and inform the decision we will be voting on regarding Seabird Island land claim.