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Hi, my name is Norma Webb and I am the Chief Councillor for Peters FN.

I ran for council because I hope to see the Kinder Morgan Pipeline up and running allowing our band members to gain meaningful employment.

In Addition, we would like to continue to offer programs and services to our community and help our members with employment if and when needed and available.

We have had many success stories as well when it comes to our programs and services. We continue to help members with education, wellness and healthcare. If any band member comes into our office, we will do our best to help within our capacity

We finally have fibre optics for broadband internet in our community. This was a huge goal of this council and we are happy that our members can now enjoy this technology giving us better access to internet, voice and television.

Finally, please don’t hesitate to reach out, we want to get the community together and work as one with the goal of being an open, transparent and self-sufficient community.